Next Stop….Major Depression

I`m exhausted, I`m sleeping more, food is tasteless, life is grey around the edges.  I know what that means.  I`m heading into a depression.  Probably a major depression seeing as how my normal state is somewhat depressed.

I`ve been living with depression most of my life and yet, I have no plan for when it gets bad.  Having a plan would entail having a support system in place I imagine.  I have bare bones support, but no one to help me with practical things like helping me clean my house, bringing me food, checking in on me, asking me if how close I am to hurting myself or what where the suicidal ideation is at.  I`m quite alone in this journey of mine.

I take really good care of myself when I have the energy, but when the energy wanes, I need help.

I`m off to start my bedtime routine so I can get up tomorrow morning and trudge my way through another long, heart breaking day.



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