A horse and a dog


Mr. Sam I Am: Have you seen the cute little red skinned coon hound around the neighborhood? I
heard she just moved in.

Samuel: Have I ever!! She is a looker. Shy and reserved though. Not one for too much stepping out.

Mr. Sam I Am: Hmmm… You know, I think I might stand a chance with her. Most of the dogs in the area are unkempt, uncouth farm dogs. I have some class, I sleep in a queen sized bed, I get one or two baths a day. I actually have a bit of pedigree, being half double doodle/half basset hound.

Samuel: Has Mom had “the talk” with you yet? You know, the birds and the bees. All that jazz.

Mr. Sam I Am: She preempted the “the talk” with “the snip.” As long as there are no babies, no coming home drunk or high and no sexing it up in her bed, Mom’s pretty easy going.

Samuel: Your Mother is a wonderful gal, that one.


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