barefoot in the sandy forest


A big ass foot print, the size of my hand.  Maybe a timber wolf.  Gives me shivers.

Bare foot in the sandy forest
The sun kissing my shoulders

Ticks crawling up my sweats
Cramps come and go

Companionable silence
Awkward silence

Smiling dogs
Thundering down the trails

Don’t want to leave
Don’t make me leave

What is she thinking?
Have I ruined our friendship?

I breathe in the silence
I want to die


crocus (2)

My favorite pic of the day.

Why does there have to be dichotomy in everything I do? It’s exhausting. Obtrusive thoughts rule my life, and ruin the good.

Me and Amanda went hiking in our provincial forest. That’s as close to perfection as it can get for me. I revel in the forest sounds, uninterpreted by traffic, corrupt farmers, trains. The smell is invigorating, no noxious odorous manure that makes me want to vomit.

The boys smiled the whole day. Sticking close to each other. Exploring just out of view, but never to far away.

I wish there was an off switch to my brain. It’s been uncontrollable the past week. Constantly churning. Feeding the angst, anger, sadness, and depression. It wants little to do with gratitude, meditation, or healing at this point.


Impatiently waiting to be let out of the car to start the day!


Amanda made cookies from the Oh She Glows cookbook.


These beauties are in bloom.  Crocus.

crocus (4)

burn area

We walked about 8 miles through various ecosystems.  There was a huge fire several years ago, and the growth of little trees is mind blowing.


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